Monetary Dashboard

You can download the template here.

Also see our Taylor rule calculator

A. Monetary aggregates: Bankstats

  • M1, M2 and M3: A2.3 "M3 (estimate of EMU aggregate for the UK)"
  • MA via Kaleidic Economics
  • Broad money: A2.2.3 "Monthly M4 and M4 lending excluding intermediate OFCs" 
    • M4ex SA is B56Q
      • M4ex NSA is B3DC
      • Divisia: A6.1 "Sectoral deposits and Divisia money"
      • For a Eurozone measure of Divisia M3 see here
      • Monetary Base: A1.1.1 "Notes and coin and reserve balances"

B. Inflation

  • CPI: "Time Series"
  • RPI: "Time Series"
  • See Table 2 for RPI and RPIJ (see this article for an explanation of RPIJ)
  • See here for background notes
  • PPI: "Producer Price Indices
    • For data click on statistical bulletin and then "data in this release" (top right). Download PPI Reference Tables and see Table 1 for output prices and Table 2 for input prices. 
    • For the US economy the Atlanta Fed has an excellent dashboard here.

C. Inflation expectations

D. House prices

E. Stock market: Yahoo! Finance

F. Nominal GDP: 

  • Qonp
    • RGDP (IHYQ) + GDP deflator (IHYT) = NGDP (IHYN)
    • QonQofPY
      • RGDP (IHYR) + GDP deflator (IHYU) = NGDP (IHYO)
      • Annual
        • RGDP (IHYP) + GDP deflator (IHYS) = NGDP (IHYM)

    G. Output

    H. Labour Market

    • Average weekly earnings (see here)
      • On the ONS site look at the unemployment rate (key figures) > UK Labour Market Statistical Bulletin > See "Data in this release" (top right) > Download EARN01

    I. HM Treasury Forecast

    J. Commodity prices

    K. Yields: Bankstats

    L. Current account

    M. Effective exchange rates:

    N. Interest rates: Bankstats

    • Interbank: Table G1.1
    • 5yr 75% LTV, SVR, 2yr bond: Table G1.3
      • 5yr 75% LTV is BV42
      • SVR is TLMV
      • 2yr bond is B6RH (see "Deposit rates" sheet)

    The Bank of England's Target 2.0 competition provides a useful monthly datasheet and long term spreadsheet.

    For an example of a well designed and useful dashboard see the TUC's Touchstone Blog:

    For a horribly designed and hard to use dashboard, see ONS Key Figures. To be fair though, the ONS now have a nice dashboard.

    Experimental UK data dashboard looks like an excellent resource to utilise. Also see this BBC News economy tracker. Pantheon Macro produced a nice Heatmap: