Kaleidic Economics is a research outlet based in London that also hosted a quarterly business rountable from 2011-2014. We engage in scenario analysis to anticipate and respond to the future as it emerges. This website will publish the key indicators that we have developed, and quarterly reports that summarise our work.

Whilst the site is in beta all information will be made freely available to the general public and user registration is not required.

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We use "kaleidic" to mean two things. It reflects the eclectic approach we take to understanding economics, and the various traditions upon which we draw. More specifically, it is a metaphor for the economic system as a cascading pattern, rendering point predictions impossible. For more on Kaleidics, see this post. We simply define it as the following:

"the future is unknowable but not unimaginable"

Director: Anthony J. Evans

For more information please contact: anthonyjevans@gmail.com.